Kitchen design has quickly become one of the more important aspects that homeowners are focusing on. Kitchens being one of the main areas where family and friends gather, not only is functionality vital but so is the aesthetic. Cabinets are the basis for the overall layout and a major design element when it comes to your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are essential for efficient organization as well as bringing the whole space together.

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  • Wood cabinets with a driftwood finish is something to look out for in 2018. Their neutral color, dimension, and texture can be put into any space to create a balance. Wood cabinetry can be modern and simplistic, yet offer a rustic look as well. Shades of blue, black, and grey have been seen as the favorite among homeowners.
  • Homeowners desire their kitchen design to be unique and provide a bold statement to the space. To do so, adding color to your cabinets can make all the difference. Manufacturing companies have noticed this trend and have teamed up with paint companies to provide homeowners with limitless colors. Homeowners are seeking distinct colors that stand out and effectively work in their kitchen.
  • There are an array of cabinet finish colors and techniques for homeowners to choose from. In 2018, you will see more mixing of finish colors that brings a fresh look to your kitchen. Homeowners want to create their own personal design within the space by merging bits and pieces together.

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